Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy  

1. All photos and videos which are placed on this site - made personally by us or our partners or our customers and allowed for open publication.

2. All materials from customers who have placed on this site - placed with the knowledge of customers and we have no ban on their publication.

3. All scientific information is published on this website is true and is published with the approval of the owners or have links to the authors.

4. All photos are marked with markers of this site or site - belong exclusively to us and are forbidden to copy.

5. All technical information about the objects that tell us our clients in their questionnaires will not be published ever.

6. All personal customer information - addresses, phone numbers, technical details of specific objects - not published or passed to anyone, ever.

7. All used information from public sources has links.

8. All banners or links on this site belong exclusively to the subject of fuel economy. We do not promote or support any other commercial projects, political parties, organizations or movements. We do not use spam.

9. We use the licensed software and licensed antivirus "panda". All documents are uploaded to this site - checked for viruses and malicious software.

But if you have found a virus - please immediately notify us at any time day or night. This document will be immediately removed and then we will do his analysis - or sms +380505183898

we never collect your information, we do not ask for or provide your details to register on the site.

10. This is an informational site for professionals in the saving of fuel oil.


device technology is real saving boiler fuel oil boiler furnace coke shipboard fuel


warranty TRGA
Why do we take the money :

1. The correct calculation of power supply circuit boilers or furnaces.
2. Select the type of equipment and the rationale for choosing and schemes.
3. Equipment itself, its manufacture, testing and upgrading.
4. Control of equipment and technical support for the entire life.
5. Providing maximum efficiency on the basis of previous experience from other customers.
6. Documentary tests on objects and certificates are issued on the basis of extensive testing - RTN and the EU.
7. Realistically rendered warranty.

all photos, movies, reviews, certifications - are our or made by our hands, the hands our customers who sent them with gratitude and acts of certified courts.

business philosophy
unlike our competitors

business philosophy

fuel economy of diesel fuel diesel kerosene new equipment standalone compact activator of fuel
Andrey Ruban -

personal responsibility
for my site, for my equipment,
for work of my representatives.


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