Andrew Ruban Cherkassy Ukraine  business philosophy

our business philosophy

our business philosophy

TRGA (TRGA) - activator, fuel homogenizer is the best, why?

Construction, industrial safety, durability, selection of individual schemes and rules of use, constant contact, honest guarantee.

1. Construction.

There are companies that are in the market for more than 10 years, but 10 years ago - let the old design. The reason is clear - the old grandfather - inventor and tough boss, who is used to save on everything but themselves.

There are companies that are full to the market at any price and installing 2.3 of its machines, boldly write about the next upgrade. Rhetorical question remains how she will show in real life.

Over the 11 years of our history modernization was carried out 4 times and one time was completely replaced by the base model. From 01.01.2007 to 21.07.2021 was sold and installed 177 units TRGA. All machines work TRGA, none returned. We have detailed reviews with pictures, at some sites visited by one year, two - take pictures, listen to the complaints and suggestions.

2. Industrial reliability.  

Tens of hundreds of activators and homogenizers patented. One hundred and fifty work in the laboratory, clean filtered environments only, four dozen were put into production, but have remained in history, after 3-5 units.

Ukrainian market for example, Section 3-4 major manufacturers, each of which took a significant share, the rest just get underfoot, reprinting texts and stealing pictures. The Russian market is the same, only the numbers a little higher, but the experimenters ignoramuses by blood on your equipment - much higher. In this way the actual devices that operate in real industrial conditions on the real fuel - in each of the SNG (formed USSR) stations - can be counted on the fingers.

TRGA devices - work at industrial objects in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Europe, Africa - more than 2-4 years and it is good practical indicator.

We do not declare like others that TRGA work 10 or 25 years ... but some TRGA units passed through more than 200 000 tonnes of fuel oil, and the payback period 3-6 months. And we have a right to say it - it proves our news feed (in russian sorry)

TRGA devices - work at industrial objects in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Syria, Jamaica... Industrial results of TRGA and reviews - tested in Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan - institutes and industrial testing, up to the unit rate of up to 1 gram. Made hundreds of photos and dozens of films. TRGA works - it's a fact.

3. Individual selection scheme and the rules of use

You've seen some of our results - and understand that not every client gives written feedback, although some give it after 3-6 months of work ( most importantly ).

And of course you understand that not all clients for whom we have prepared a detailed analysis of they object and the technical proposal for the installation our equipment was on the buying decision.

Failures were due to various reasons. Lack of money, job competition, corruption schemes, avoiding the use of fuel oil, war, mistrust, change of personnel, the greed of intermediaries, and sometimes arrogance based on nationality. Does not matter.

The fact is that in my archive of about 300 well-developed technical proposals, each of which is based on the individual questionnaire responses and specialists. Very few repetitions. This documentation shall be confidential, because it describes the specific parameters of each client (hosted or not - does not matter) because it is not published. The site shows only general concepts - and funny to watch as they mindlessly copying others.

We tried to to count every technical subtlety that our equipment would work as reliable, efficient and cost was reasonable for each object. There is no need to "sell by force." Each element of the scheme has reasonable vocational study.

To reduce the cost of the scheme - the maximum component, we suggest using the local market - it reduces the cost of customs, transportation.

To reduce the cost of installation, we carefully paint the installation procedure that could be most of the work yourself

Finally - scheme. Any activator or homogenizer - only a tool, without using the optimal scheme - its effectiveness is greatly reduced. And we have more than 300 developed schemes and 157 is actually tested.

We even were able to solve the problem of creating and maintaining the WFE in the storage container without watering sensor (which many say, but in practice, no one has

4. Constant contact.

I hate the people on whom I spent my money and then they do not pick up the phone, if you have questions or concerns. And the truth is that these vendors - 90%.

Proper impetus to this article from today that I brought a device with a broken panel and I, measuring on its own, called, thinking that the provider will come to me immediately and say what should be - "I'm sorry, we replace the eliminated", but alas .. . and it happens often ...

All my phones, as well as phones of all my partners who works with your object - has no evening or weekend. People who pay us the money - is the person number 1. For his question, and the more his problem we have always the time and not the word "I'm busy."

With the same zeal I myself and all my colleagues are our business. For us, it's a lifestyle. It is a pity that most of the vendors working on another. You know this.

You have to understand that I, according to the laws of Ukraine, have responsible for my activity of all my assets. Please Say, have I a right to be wrong, if my unit is mounted on boilers, each of which costs between $ 300 000?

This style of work is of great advantage. It is not that you can call the customer after a year or two and say "I have a key client wants to see your installation and talk with your staff to the boiler room, to hear your feedback. Let me visit with to You my client?".
Although it is also important.

Technical advantage is that we get invaluable experience rapid industrial operation - it is real gold, if you are a developer and manufacturer not live a single day.

5. Honest Warranty.

Iron is iron, and from the 160 units, we replaced 5 devices.

(Belarus (1), Russian Federation (2) - not welded seam on the flanges - filtering the fuel under pressure (our fault) - Fixed by our dealer.
Ukraine (1) - 6 months in operation - started filtering fuel weld flange (still our fault) - welded.

And my shame - not cooked seam on the body in the Far East of Russia. The hole in the hull. Complete replacement. 20 days new TRGA new design was produced and delivered free of charge to the client object.

Now all TRGA checked under the pressure of 50 bar, and we passed the voluntary certification in the EU and RTN, but still x-ray machine we do not have ...

So you can be sure that no one from our community will tell you - "it's your problem."

We familiarize our clients to each other, they are free to communicate share their experiences, new ideas, and sometimes help each other in business, sometimes friends ...

That is our business philosophy. I did not give any or links here, but every word I write here can prove with documens

Difficult and thankless mission

Many pages on our site devoted to the analysis or similar devices. I believe that the thesis of "fuel savings of 15-25%" - and it is a myth or fraud. When I meet these sites - I make a detailed technical analysis of all the declarations and documents and give the technical justification that it is a lie.

I analyze their patents, their history, their trials - I have a large zoo of such scams. At the same time - for each of them i send a copy of its page and they have the right to send their views for published.

It's terrible people - they deceive customers talking about "Russian miracle". These people want to experiment on your boilers or engines - for your money... For this reason - if you have such suggestions - please send them to me - for the analysis. It's free. This will save you time and money.

And of course - these crooks and losers - killing the reputation of my site - they have no customers or orders, but have a lot of free time.

Therefore, I would be happy if you support my site by your assessment.

Andrew Ruban

For what we take your money :

1. The correct calculation of power supply circuit boilers or furnaces.
2. Select the type of equipment and the rationale for choosing and schemes.
3. Equipment itself, its manufacture, testing and upgrading.
4. Control of equipment and technical support for the entire life.
5. Providing maximum efficiency on the basis of previous experience from other customers.
6. Documentary tests on objects and certificates are issued on the basis of extensive testing - PTH and the EU.
7. Realistically rendered warranty.

We are happy people.

Our devices are beginning to return Your money from the first minute of operation. It is obvious, it is proved, it was more than 177 times.

Below - the real time operation of some homogenizer TRGA series.
( customer support time, after the sale, on our part ).
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
Object - Makarov-1.
Ukraine, ammunition depot Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Damage - no.
Worked - 2009 -2019.
Model - TRGA-3G-10.
Link, Link.
Object - Commercial seaport, Mariupol, Ukraine,
Damage - no.
Worked - 2009 -2014.
Model - TRGA-3G-03. ( 2 units)
Link, Link.
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
Object - Uglegorsk
(closed military camp), Ministry of Defense of Russia.
Damage - no.
Worked - 2011 -2017.
Model - TRGA-3G-10.
Object - WINDALCO, Aluminum Plant (Rusal), Jamaica.
Damage - no.
Worked - 2013 -2018.
Model - TRGA-3G-08. ( 3units)
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
Object - Belogorsk, Russia. Communal boiler room for heat supply of the city
Damage - no.
Worked - 2009 -2018.
Model - TRGA-3G-10, 3G-40.
Link, Link.
Object - Oil terminal
(tank farm) Odessa, Ukraine
Damage - no.
Worked - 2013 -2021.
Model - TRGA-3G-08/ -05/ -20
Link. Link. Presentation.
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
Object - Plesetsk, Russia
oil sludge open storage, processing.
Damage - no.
Worked - 2012 -2016.
Model - TRGA-3G-40.
Link, Link. Link.
Object - Stoilensky mining and processing plant, Russia. Factory boiler room
Damage - no.
Worked - 2012 -2020.
Model - TRGA-3G-15.
Link, Link.
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review  price
Object - Distillery. Gaysin, Ukraine. High viscosity molasses treatment. First homogenizer that does not stick.
Damage - no.
Worked - 2017 -2021.
Model - TRGA-3G-40.
Link. Link.
Object - Graphite quarry. Zavalye, Ukraine. Technological boilers.
Damage - no.
Worked - 2011 -2014.
Model - TRGA-3G-04, -05
Link, Link.
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review  price
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review  price
Object - Kazzinc,
Kazakhstan. Technological boilers (2 pcs.). Kiln. (1 pc.)
Damage - no.
Worked - 2016 -2020.
Model - TRGA-3G-04. ( 3 units)
Link. Link.
Object - Philippines, fuel oil production point with using sludge and pyrolysis liquid.
Damage - no.
Worked - 2015 -2018, 2018-20.
Model - TRGA-3G-04. ( 2 units)
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review  price
Object - Transneft, Russia
Worked - 2019.
Model - TRGA-3G
Object - Orenburg, Russia.
First industrial unit to deodorize crude oil and reduce content of mercaptans / hydrogen sulfide.
Worked - 2020.
Model - TRGA-3G-50.
Link. Link.
fuel economy HFO economy

Ukraine 2009 ...

What else ?

2009 - Our technology is recognized as the best completed energy-saving project in Ukraine. ( Kiev)
2010 - Third place in the national competition of energy-saving projects. ( Kiev)
2010 - Complete industrial test of RUSAL. (Guinea)
2011 - The first industrial unit to reduce the pour point of summer diesel ( Ukraine, Russia, Kazakstan).
2012 - Complete industrial test of on-board systems to save ship fuel. (Belgium)
2018 - One of the 30 best export technologies in Ukraine is the presentation of technology at the world exhibition. (Shanghai)
2018 - Transneft, Russia justified the use of the TRHA homogenizer to improve the combustion of boiler fuel, as the best choice for the price / quality criterion. (Moscow).
2019 - successful test - decrease in crude oil viscosity during reagent-free processing (Moscow).
2020 - Russia's first installation for deodorization of crude oil and blocking mercaptans. Productivity - 50 cubic meters per hour. Energy consumption - 0.5 kW / 1 cubic meter (Orenburg, Russia).

Certificates - marine Ukraine and marine IACS. Russian Technical Supervision, EU Certificate of Quality.

Practical experience - 20 years.

The homogenizer of the TRGA series
is one of the best export technologies in Ukraine.
Government stand of Ukraine. Shanghai 2018

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