sulfur removal (95%) from the diesel fuel and heating oil

sulfur removal (95%) from the diesel fuel and heating oil
... cleaning of fuel oil from heterocyclic and sulfur admixings.

In the photo:

left - the original fuel (black, not transparent)
on him - the first cycle of easy cleaning
third from the left - complete cleaning
pattern on the right (for comparison) - the first cycle of deep cleaning of fuel of sulfur

After 3 times the combined method of deep cleaning sulfur content fell to 0.0046% ( from 0.33%), that it is more than 70 times! In terms of " mass fraction of sulfur " fuel meets the requirements of Euro-4 ( less than 0.005% ).

The initial sulfur content exceeds permissible limits by more than 6 times! The degree (depth) of sulfur recovery totaled 98.6%.

On this technology all application accepted exclusively from refineries and oil companies.


The authors of the photos and results: Andrei Serov (Moscow).

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