RAMS - Non-volatile apparatus for long-term artificial ventilation of the human lung

long work in the mode of rescue and maintenance of breath.
short work as airway purification.

RAMS non-volatile artificial lung ventilation machine

RAMS apparatus for artificial respiration, non-volatile long-term work

Used in the 60s in the first nuclear submarines of the USSR.
The main purpose is to save the specialists of the fuel group, in case of poisoning by vapors of liquid rocket fuel.
It works without electricity for an unlimited time in stationary and field (remote) conditions. An ideal tool for an epidemic of lung damage. It can be used by an absolutely unprepared person (!). No infection risks for staff.

Safe Long Breathing Function:
- correct volume
- correct pressure
- correct humidity
- correct oxygen content.
No complications for the lungs.

Short-term airway clearance mode. In the advanced version, the ability to use other gas mixtures for breathing of the rescued. Time to working mode - no more than 1 minute. Weight - not more than 4 kg.
RAMS apparatus for artificial respiration, non-volatile long-term work

And what about the analogues?

Modern analogues of artificial lung ventilation devices require energy, trained personnel, systems for monitoring pressure, volume, humidity and rarely allow you to remove blockages in the respiratory tract.

What do we offer ?

Author's package of documents for sale - a full description of the principles of work (documents and drawings from the USSR). Pack of photos. Two modifications - full and simplified. Estimated cost for mass production - no more than 300 US dollars. Do not pay attention to the design - this is removable and does not affect the functions of the device. (RAMS apparatus lung ventilation)

( RAMS apparatus for artificial respiration, non-volatile long-term work )


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